Good Enough, Isn't!

Good Enough, Isn't!

Each week we share some tips, tricks, shortcuts (not the cheating kind), advice, “hacks” (yes, that is a trite term) or antidotes which we hope people will find useful in their pursuit of endurance sports, and life, greatness. 

While we have decades of experience in triathlon, cycling, running…we are by no means the authoritative voice.  Certainly some of the things we offer up here will be seen as silly, foolish and maybe even a waste of time by some seasoned athletes or perhaps too complex or unnecessary for beginners.  Just keep in mind, advice is typically worth what you pay for it.

Reăl's founder, Chance Regina, falling over in a mountain stream after product testing some run gear on the trails.

Perhaps, just maybe, more than a few will find this information useful and if they do, maybe pass it along to others they know who would benefit.  If you have a question or a situation you want us to take stab at, let us know by posting below one of the entries or email our founder, Chance Regina, at   If you have a solution to a problem you would like to share, please do so as well.

In the meantime, remember, champions are made in the morning.