Sizing Information

Great product requires three things.  Superb design.  Premium fabrics and craftsmanship.  Perfect fit. 

We start with great fabrics from the finest mills in Europe and the Americas.  We sew them together in the US by hand.  35+ years of on course experience and tens of thousands of hours testing, researching...using as much gear as we can sample leads to design that is specific for what you do.   

It is the fit that trips up most brands.  Reăl works really hard to ensure consistent sizing across our brand so you know once you have a good fit on your first Reăl product, the rest is going to match that fit very closely.

As a general rule of thumb Reăl offers more of a "racers cut", meaning typically a slimmer cut. However, we stop shy of designing the fit to be "Euro" as we find it to be prohibitive in dialing in the perfect fit.

Some of our products are unisex but we also make men's and women's specific cuts in most of our products.  Unless otherwise noted in the products name it is a unisex piece.

Getting the right fit when purchasing online can sometimes be difficult but our exchange/return policy is not, so order without trepidation.  If the information below doesn't answer all your questions you can arrange a personal fit consultation by emailing Chance Regina,  

Examples of sizing;

Male 5'10" 165lbs with 32" waist would likely wear MD bottoms, MD one piece suits and MD tops/jackets/vests. 

Female 5'8" 120lbs wearing a size 2 would likely wear SM in the unisex items and SM in women's specific items depending on chest measurements.