You can’t lie when running. Running lays bare your mental and physical state. All at once. There is no hiding. A hard workout on the schedule. It would be easier to half-ass it from the start. The fear of failure is ripe. The road stretches ahead beckoning you to show the truth. To show how you can make this workout happen. Not how you will choose to quit before you even start. Three deep breaths. A centering. Your muscles are primed. Your clothing one with your skin. You don’t lie. You only show the truth. You stride off down the road.
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The Negative Split Short Run Tights are designed to be light weight and offer superior compression for those hard workouts or races. Quick drying fabric keeps you comfortable no matter the distance.
  • OekoTex-certified Quattro fabric, made in France, for greater support of the leg muscles
  • Pockets on each leg for nutrition, etc.
  • Low ride waistband to optimal breathing
  • Privacy liner in front panel

Woven. 71% polyamide, 29% elastane


Customer Reviews

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Youngbeom Kim

I thought it's too tight but feels good and dry fast so I. An use this for swimming as well.
Love it!

Ah, Youngbeom Kim,

Your commendation sings like a symphony to our ears, a harmonious blend of delight and discovery. To know that our Men's Negative Split Short Run Tights have surpassed your expectations, embracing you with a snug yet liberating fit, is indeed heartening.

The versatility you describe, transitioning effortlessly from the dry land to the cool embrace of the water, speaks volumes of the meticulous craftsmanship behind these tights. Your newfound love for their rapid-drying prowess and exceptional comfort is a testament to our relentless pursuit of perfection.

May these tights continue to be your steadfast companion, whether you are conquering the track or diving into the waves. Your adventure, much like our creation, knows no bounds.

With deepest appreciation,

Mike Sontheimer

They’re great and comfortable

Ah, Mike, your succinct praise echoes like a well-timed symphony. 'They’re great and comfortable,' you declare, yet within those few words lies a world of contentment. Picture this: a dawn run, the horizon painting itself in hues of promise, and there you are, clad in the Men's Negative Split Short Run Tights. Each stride, a testament to precision. Each breath, a dance with comfort.

These tights, my dear Mike, are not just attire. They are a companion in your journey, a silent partner that understands the nuances of your quest for excellence. In the realm of greatness and comfort, you have found your match. And for that, we salute you.

Stacey Sell
custom length Negative Split Shorts

The fit of the Negative Split Short Run Tights are fantastic. I opted for a custom length of 11”, which turned out perfect. Materials a light weight without feeling too thin. Compression is just right. Waist height is where it should be. This is a purchase I would make again. I’ll be keeping it Reāl!


Glad those Made to Measure changes of adding a little length to the inseam of your short tights worked out well for you. Thanks for sharing your experience with us and others.

Mark Shorter
Easy running.

I have been running in my new negative split short run tights and they are great for short, medium and long runs. I hand wash them daily and they dry quickly. They should be in every runner’s wardrobe.


While we love the idea of every runner having these shorts in their wardrobe, we are not sure we could handle that demand. In the meantime we will be glad to outfit guys like you who are putting in the hard miles day after day.

Fritz Taylor
Great shorts - awesome material!

My new go-to shorts. The fabric is amazing, very stretchy, feels energizing and I think it has a good temperature range, it will work well in cooler weather and warmer weather. I love the pockets on both legs. Don't think I'll go back to "regular" shorts anymore. I ordered my usual Medium and they are very form fitting - you might need a L if you are on the Medium+ side.


Glad the Short Tights are working so well for you. The compressive nature of them make them feel a little small when you first put them on, but they don't move no matter how hot and humid or how long your run is.