The peloton is fiery today. More movement, more jostling than what you’re used to. Like a pack of bulls, the bikes charge through the crit. Taking no prisoners. Keep up. Or don’t. It’s every cyclist for themself. Your tendons flicker, hopping from shifter to brake, shifter to brake. Can’t crash out now. One more corner and then the final straightaway. This is the time. Screw everyone else. It’s you. It’s not them. You begin the sprint early. Not traditional. Who cares? You’ve never been traditional. You know what you can hold. Lean into the corner. Yes, that’s it. The straightaway. Did you go too soon? No. The pavement is running out. The finish line is right there. You can hear the revving of bike wheels behind you. Hold it… hold it…boom. It’s you. Not them. You.
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The H340 bibs are designed for the most demanding rides. Lightweight and compressive, these bibs are matched with the best Italian made chamois to keep you comfortable regardless of the length and intensity of your rides.
  • Hand-sewn
  • OekoTex-certified Quattro fabric, made in France, for greater support of the leg muscles
  • Quick drying material sheds water to stay lightweight
  • Available with or without side pockets on each leg for nutrition, etc.
  • Italian made, Elastic Interface chamois

Legs - Woven. 71% polyamide, 29% elastane

XS-MD 9"
LG-XXL 10"

Customer Reviews

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Ralph Frazier
Men’s H340 Cycling Bibs -Signature

I really like the fit. I’m 6’0” tall and 165 pounds, so I ordered the “large”. The chamois is excellent. The maiden voyage for my Real Endurance bibs was two hours in Hotlanta’s 80-90F degree weather. The bibs were very comfortable… Breathed well… Felt like a second skin. 👍 Also the side pockets are a nice touch where I stored my spare energy gel instead of a rear pocket… Very handy. Excellent bibs!

Dear Ralph,

Ah, the majestic H340 Cycling Bibs! To hear of their debut amidst the sultry embrace of Hotlanta’s summer is poetry to our ears. Your eloquent account of their fit, the chamois, and their ability to breathe as a second skin—why, it’s as if you’ve penned an ode to comfort and endurance.

The side pockets, a thoughtful flourish, have clearly found a worthy companion in your energy gel, ready to fuel your epic rides. Your commendation is not just appreciated; it’s cherished.

Thank you for your sterling review. May the road ahead be as exceptional as your discerning taste.

Warmest regards.

Bob Rosemeyer
Best bibs ever

These bibs fit really well and are extremely comfortable. The chamois doesn't rub or chafe, and you feel like you could ride all day.


Thanks for leaving the great review. Riding all day sounds like a good plan!

Ride Outside
Best bibs I own

I've ridden in a LOT of different bibs over several decades on the bike and I'm confident in saying these are the best bibs I own. Since Reāl is a new brand, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I trusted a friend's recommendation. I'm glad I did. It's obvious that they've taken a lot of care in selecting the fabrics used to make these and it shows. Very much worth the price. These are also the first bibs I've owned with pockets... A cool feature and a great place to stash a few gels while riding.

Thanks for taking the time to write such a great reivew. Also, thank you for apprecaiting the effort we put into finding great fabrics like what we use in the H340 bibs. Glad you find the pockets to be useful.

Steven McKinney
NewLife CyclingBibs

Amazing customized design and fit.


Thanks for the kind words. It has been a pleasure to work with you. Looking forward to seeing you race in the kit this year.