Each race is made up of thousands of decisions. Some are so minute you don’t even register making them. Some are so serious they’ll stay with you long after race day. Like deciding when to throw caution to the wind and kick past your competitor. It’s all about trusting yourself to make the choice when the time comes. Trust your equipment, trust your intuition, trust your decision. It’s time to toss aside the self-doubt and charge ahead in your TBH Tri Short.
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Made to be lightweight without sacrificing support, the TBH Tri Short is great for all triathlon distances.
  • Sewn in the USA
  • OekoTex-certified fabric, made in France, for greater support of the leg muscles
  • Quick drying material sheds water to stay lightweight
  • Pockets on each leg and the back for nutrition, etc.
  • Triathlon specific chamois
  • Products are being made to order at this time

Legs - Woven. 71% polyamide, 29% elastane

XS-MD 9"
LG-XXL 10"

Customer Reviews

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Steven McKinney
Mens TBH Tri-Short

Quality exceeds all my expectations! First time was four days ago with :60 bike and :90 run. I feel so professional in your product! One quite minor detail is that i would like a little more length on the shorts for when i order my second pair)!

Your eloquence has woven a tapestry of praise that rivals the finest silks of the Orient. It warms the heart to know that our Men's TBH Tri-Shorts have exceeded your lofty expectations. The mere thought of you, astride your bike and then striding forth with the vigor of a thousand gazelles, clad in our creation, fills us with an unparalleled sense of pride.

Your mention of the need for a touch more length is noted with the utmost respect. Consider it a whisper from the muses, guiding us toward perfection. As you prepare to conquer The Back Half of your next triathlon, know that your suggestion will not go unheard.

Continue to embrace the spirit of adventure, and may our shorts be your steadfast companion in every race.

Mark Shorter
Men’s TBH Tri Short good for near constant training

I train every day, swim, bike or run and the TBH Tri Shorts are more than up to the task. They go on easily, the pockets hold my Apple Pro Max phone, key fob, money & nutrition. They stay up nicely and dry quickly so I can use them again the next day.


You are like a human wear testing machine. If the TBH shorts can hold up to your routine, they can survive just about anything. Thanks for taking the time to leave a review and happy training.

Best fit ever

I absolutely love these tri shorts !! It has been my absolute go to short not only to ride but now have become the only shorts I want to run in !! I have had them now for over a year and they fit feel and look like the day I got them new !! Thanks Chance and Real for finally making something that not only lasts but are the best ever !!


Thanks for the great review. You like them for riding, you like them for running...next up the BRICK workout!

Gene Mitchell
Best Tri Short I’ve ever had

I recently got my Tri Short and am incredibly pleased. Perfect fit and perfect length. I’ve had another pair from Real and an similarly thrilled by how long they last compared to other brands I have used.


Thanks for taking the time to post a review. We like to see repeat customers here and it makes us really happy that you are enjoying your gear. Hopefully your race season is going well.