Triathlon Race Team

We are social beings...well, at least most of us.  While triathlon does attract the occasional "lone wolf", most of us really enjoy the social aspect of the sport.  The camaraderie of training partners or fellow racers is often the icing on the cake.  

Seth Godin talks about "tribes" and our need to be connected with like minded people and you can clearly see this in the triathlon world with all kind so teams.  Some teams are local, some are national or even global.  There are elite teams with pro athletes, there are clubs with folks who just enjoy getting out for fun and everything in the middle.

The Reāl Race Team is a global network of athletes who have a deep passion for triathlon as well as a compassion for those who participate in the sport.  Our team members serve as global ambassadors for our brand and while we would love for them to all be Kona champions we realize that being a good triathlon citizen is far more important. 

The cost to join the team is $150 and you will receive a race kit (your choice of one or two piece) and a Race Team Shirt.  You will also get a discount on all apparel from Reāl as well as discounts from various partners we have.  

Join us for 2020.