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The Good Enough, Isn't blog is being hi-jacked over the next few months.  Sure we will still post some blogs with little bits and pieces of wisdom but for the most part we are going to pull back the curtain and give a behind the scenes look to those who want to know what we are really going through as we launch this business.

Back to our regularly scheduled content. 

Want to be an endurance athlete that is "good enough"? How about living a life which is simply "good enough"?  What about gear that is "good enough"? 

No, we want better than "good enough" out of our gear, our life, our selves.  Follow us as we seek the better than "good enough" in the world of triathlon, running, cycling and the lifestyles that accompany those sports.

Reăl's founder, Chance Regina, sits in a cold NC stream after a trail run doing some product testing of the Negative Split Shirt and the TBH Short Run Tight.

An old sailor once said "I have been to Baghdad and Trinidad.  Drank Old Grand-Dad. Witnessed two World's Fairs and ain't seen nothing like this."   Well, we haven't gotten around quite that much, but after 35+ years of marathon running, bicycle racing and triathloning (yeah, we are making that a word) we have seen a good bit and we want to share some of those experiences with our friends.

Good enough, Isn't is about finding things such as workouts, meals, life hacks, places to travel, etc which are better than "good enough".  These things will often have a direct tie in with endurance sports or the endurance sports lifestyle.  However, not all post will tie in directly.  Sometimes the blog post won't be specific to endurance sports as it might be a recipe for a great cocktail or BBQ.  Then again if you are training and racing a good bit, cocktails and BBQ are some of the rewards for such efforts.  So, maybe they are part of the endurance sports lifestyle.

We will have guest bloggers from time to time who bring unique experiences and perspectives to our own take on Good enough, isn't.  In the end we hope to provide short, fun, relative postings on a weekly basis.

Enjoy life and don't settle for good enough, because it isn't.


PS if there are things you would like to see us cover or have questions about please feel free to reach out to us.  You can find me at

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