Triathlon… running… cycling… swimming… these are more than sports to us.  They are our lifestyle.  They define who we are.  We are dedicated.  We invest the time that others don’t all in

an effort make ourselves into the best athletes we can be, and the best people we can be.  It’s a mindset carries over to everything else in our lives.  We always try our best, and we always expect the best.  It’s who the people behind Reāl are too.

When it comes to apparel we believe it’s the most important equipment you have.  It’s the one thing that is in most direct contact with your body when you exercise.  It dictates how you feel and how you perform.  It should fit perfect.  But when was the last time you had a kit that fit you perfect.  Probably never.  That’s because athlete’s bodies are all unique.  It’s silly to think we are just small, medium, or large.  And when we invest as much as we do on our equipment and our clothing, we should expect it all to be perfect.

That is the promise of Reāl.

With Reāl you’ll find elegantly designed apparel, with intuitive features, made from the absolute best materials available. 

And we offer something no one else does.  Custom tailoring for all of your apparel.  If you’ve ever had a suit or dress tailored to you, you know how it feels to wear something that fits you right.  We’ve brought that to the world of endurance sports.  That means no more flap on your shoulder, no more legs that are too short or too loose, no more bibs that make you hunch over, no more sleeves that rest in the wrong place…

And our products are already out there, tested, and proven.  We’ve spent the last year developing our lines by sponsoring our own team and making custom kits for clubs around the country.  Here’s what they have to say:

Be a part of scaling Reāl.  Invest in one of levels and experience apparel that looks, fits, and feels like it was made just for you.  Because it is.