Triathlon is an individual sport.  Even for the most fortunate who have plenty of training partners to share the grind of training with, there is still the loneliness of the race course.  The hours spent racing with just you and the thoughts in your head.  However, having teammates who offer a word of encouragement or a high five as they see you go by on the course does wonders for lifting the spirit...and often the pace.

Don't go alone in the triathlon world, join the Reăl Race Team for 2019 and not only will you be racing in the best kit on the course but you will be part of a community of fun and outgoing triathletes who will be there to give you a "pick-me-up" along the way.

Team members will receive over $550 worth of Reăl apparel to race and train in this season.  Gear will include a race kit (one or two piece, your choice) along with a pair of run tights, run shorts and a run shirt.  Also, team members have access to DEEP discounts on Felt Bicycles, Suunto Watches, Orange Mud Products as well as items from Blue Seventy.  

In addition to being part of the product development program, Reăl Race Team members will have VIP access to new and yet to be released products, deep discounts and as well as team events such as training camps.

Join Reăl Race Team today and help us build something fun, exciting and new.